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Journey Update

My friend @Lizzieclout sent me this .. 'Friends stick together in good times and in bald times!' Ha! Made today a little funnier!! X

My friend @Lizzieclout sent me this .. ‘Friends stick together in good times and in bald times!’ Ha! Made today a little funnier!! X

Hey friends,

I pray you are doing great and that the year is progressing as you had hoped! I wanted to send an update regarding my journey thus far. I am coming to the end of round one of chemo (I have 5 to go) and all I can say is, ‘Grace, grace and more grace.’

My new found friend, Lisa, who is about a week ahead of me with treatments, said yesterday, ‘Chemo is like a box of chocolates, you never quite know what you you are going to get! ‘. I have come to understand that this is the truth, indeed. I am learning to rest in every promise from Jesus. In fact, it’s His word that is giving me the strength to inhale and exhale moment by moment.

So this week I lost my hair and to be completely honest, this has been very confronting. It definitely makes me look sicker than I feel. In saying that, I am finding great freedom through this. Mark keeps reminding me how much money we’ll save over the next while  on hairdressers! My girls have named my wig ‘Betty’. Amy says that if Beyoncé can have Sasha Fierce, then I can have Betty! I love my girls and they are keeping it light and laughter filled for me.

With the occasional ambulance trip all of this, thus far, has been a quite a ride on an emotional roller! I can say that through it all, I am assured of God’s love for me. Truly this has been one of the sweetest parts of the journey. My beautiful Emmanuel is never far away. Our Friends, family and our beloved church family are amazing every day. I’m ever convinced that life was always designed to be done in true community. Good days and bad days yet aways better together.

Writing is my great comfort during this season. I have songs and thoughts that I will share with when I am on the other side of this mountain. In fact, we are already planning a Thanksgiving service at our church in November, where we will record songs birthed during this season. We simply want to fill the place with praise for all that God has done. My other hobby, during this season, is art and design – homes/rooms, etc. I have a feeling as I redesign our home that this season could become super expensive! Ha… All good!

Lovely people, I appreciate and value every prayer and rest assured I too am praying for all of you. Our God is greater!! In the words of our dear friend Martin Smith… ‘Let the future begin’...

It is well with my soul…

Love Darls