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Hey friends…

If you are reading this you’ve had a chance to watch the footage we’ve put together of the Syrian crisis and through that you would have had a listen to the song ‘Hope for Humanity’. This is a song Israel Houghton and I wrote a couple of years ago. We wrote this at a time when our hearts were being challenged yet again by the plight of humanity.

I know you are all aware of the crisis in Syria, it has been noted as one of the worst humanitarian crisis in history. During my research, I’ve found it very hard to obtain established facts on how many people have perished and how many have been displaced thus far. The information I do have says that the number of Syrians fleeing their country since the start of the civil war, which began in 2011, has jumped to more than 2 million people as of this September. This is an increase of almost 1.8 million people in the past year. These numbers are staggering and to say the situation is desperate is a complete understatement.

Approximately 97 per cent the refugees are hosted by neighbouring countries such as Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan, which has put unbelievable pressures on their own internal infrastructure. These are certainly crazy times. There is a dire need for the international community to help , and I really feel that if any of us can do ANYTHING, then we should.

We cannot do everything, but we must do something. And as a pastor and a writer of worship music, my heart leaps when I read scripture that challenges us to never allow our songs or lives to be expressed generously on a Sunday only…. but that truthful worship is about our WHOLE selves being poured out…. generous on all occasions, not just financially, but in our life’s approach to injustice.

Isaiah 61 just reminds me that Gods spirit is upon us for this very hour and so it is incumbent upon us that we must be awake as we respond with our lives.

I have contacted a couple of our friends, who I know personally, who oversee organisations that are working directly with refugees, both in Syria AND Lebanon. Today I am highlighting donation information for you in the hopes that helping is made easier. There are MANY great charities doing great things in to help so please, jump on board with whomever you feel you fit with.. and simply donate.

My little reminder to myself and all who are reading.. DON’T feel manipulated in any way, just do what you CAN do.


Love and value you all,



To donate to Samaritans Purse project to help the Refugee crisis in Syria please click here.


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