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Merry Christmas – A Special Gift Just for You


O Holy Night DZ 600 x 600Dear friends,

Merry Christmas to all. I love this time of year, it truly is one of my favourite. I love the sights, the sounds and all things Christmas. I am busy preparing for a great day with family and friends, the tree is decorated, gifts are bought, carols are echoing through our home and it really is beginning to feel a lot like Christmas. That being said, I have my Christmas cakes yet to bake and I love making them.

Today, I’d like to share a special gift with you. This is one of my favourite Christmas songs ever. I love hearing it and when I get the opportunity to sing it, it truly touches my heart.

Click HERE and you will be lead you to a space to download and I pray that this song blesses you as you go about this beautiful season.

All glory to God for ever and ever.

Darls xo

Hope Global One Day Christmas Sale

Dear Friend,

Here we are at the end of yet another year. 2014 has been phenomenal in so many ways. The Midsummer Nights Ball kicking of the year raising over $10,000 for the Village of Hope in Rwanda. The 20th anniversary of the Rwandan genocide, resulting in a team over nearly 30 volunteers from Australia and beyond converging on Rwanda for the Walk of Hope, celebrating the resilience, hope and life of Rwandan people. Around 80 volunteers across the entire year serving the nations on our volunteer teams. We launched our first ever HOPE: Global calendar (purchase yours here) with stunning photographs from the countries we work with. New friendships. New partnerships. Memories made and lives transformed.The mission and mandate continues in 2015 as we seek to serve the poor, restore hope and empower people everywhere. We look forward to the year with anticipation and excitement, and expectation for many more lives to be impacted. Thank you for being part of the journey thus far and we pray that we can continue to serve those in need together.Wishing you all a blessed, safe and happy Christmas and New Year.




Taking place on Saturday 28th February we invite you to be part of this event as we raise awareness for those in need, funds for the Education Program and declare HOPE for the hopeless.

Two NSW locations to choose from, or walk wherever you are in the world! Full details and registrations here.


Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Cambodia…where will you go? Join one of our volunteer teams for an incredible experience serving those in need. Find out all the details here.

First team meetings will be held in the new year so make sure to get your applications in!

ONE DAY CHRISTMAS SALE!$10 OFFRwanda: Speak, I’m Listening & 2015 Calendars




Hope Global Office Hours – Christmas 

The Hope Global office will close from Wednesday 24th December 2014 and re-open Monday 5th January 2015. Have a fantastic and safe Christmas break and we look forward to seeing you in the new year.
Hope Global Recovery
PO Box 674 Gosford NSW 2250
P: +61 2 9659 2553
Hope Global is a signatory to the ACFID Code of Conduct and ACFID Member. Click here for further details.


Dearest friends,

My heart is filled to overflowing as I write to you today. It is our ‘Thanksgiving weekend’ at church, and rather than feasting around turkey and pumpkin pie ( even though i LOVE them!!), I feel like it is my heart that is feasting this year on the goodness of God.

Psalm 23 from the Message translation says it like this..

1-3 God, my shepherd!

I don’t need a thing.

You have bedded me down in lush meadows,

you find me quiet pools to drink from.

True to your word,

you let me catch my breath

and send me in the right direction.

4 Even when the way goes through Death Valley,

I’m not afraid when you walk at my side.

Your trusty shepherd’s crook

makes me feel secure.

5 You serve me a six-course dinner

right in front of my enemies.

You revive my drooping head;

my cup brims with blessing.

6 Your beauty and love chase after me

every day of my life.

I’m back home in the house of God

for the rest of my life.

Yes, He has set a table before me in the presence of my enemies.. SO GREAT!

The last two weeks have been momentous in our household. Our middlest daughter Chloe became engaged to our awesome son in love to be Hosanna, and wedding prep has begun! At the same time, I’ve been  going to doctors for the first round of my checkups/ scans since surgery and treatment.

SO last wednesday, as Mark and I sat down in the surgeons office, expecting a good report, but to be honest, I knew I was holding back a piece of myself ‘just in case’. The last time I sat in his office was not one of my favourite days.

But we are SO blessed to report that there is no sign of cancer in this body!!!!! In the good Dr’s very South African accent he said ‘this is quite miraculous Darlene’!!.

We have wept, danced, hugged our arms out, and have literally just said THANK YOU to Jesus as many times as one can.

Again, I thank each and every one of you for your relentless prayers, I have felt the effects of them a million times over, and I just sit here today, one very grateful woman.

Life will never be the same, I believe it will be SO much better. Even though I will have checkups every four months, and will be on medication for ten years, I feel I have been given an official ‘second half’.. one which is dedicated to the things of God like never before.

SO, I am heading downstairs now to rehearse for our THANKSGIVING worship and prayer night.. and seriously.. I am busting to sing Gods praise!! LET THE FUTURE BEGIN!!

Love you all SO very much…

WOOHOOOOOOO!!!!!!! xxx


New Days!

Hi everyone. Well, I am writing this little update from an airport lounge. Sounds normal and routine, but today it feels like everything is new, like I’m entering such a new season that I have the same excitement/nerves I sense whenever I’m diving into new waters. This is the first weekend that I have travelled or ministered outside of our own church family since a breast cancer diagnosis that needed aggressive treatment. I am truly grateful to be here, grateful to be given this opportunity to lead people in the worship of Jesus, and grateful for a family and church family that I know is at home praying and cheering me on.

After 11 long and gruelling months, I am finally starting to feel like my body belongs to me again, like my heart has capacity in it again for the new, and to be honest, spiritually I feel like a different person.

Even though I’m a little bloated due to some of the drugs I now take, and my mind still gets a little fuzzy ( if you ask my children they will say .. ‘don’t blame that one on chemo!’), I feel so ALIVE with promise, that I just cannot wait to see what God has in store. Whether public or private, I am desperate for the NEW, so desperate to continue to fulfil His call on my life.

It feels like I have been in intense training. I think of Psalm 144:1 when David says,  ‘Blessed be the Lord my rock, Who trains my hands for war, my fingers for battle’. I continue learning how to dig into God in ways that I have never needed to before. Learning how to simply BE and live in the complete confidence that Jesus loves me entirely – even if I never did one more thing in His name. Even in my stillness, He is fighting for me. Stunning.

Cancer changes you. I feel I am living and will continue to live with much greater intentionality. I am even honouring my body with more intention as every single day I am eating with intention (no sugars, loads of greens), I am resting with intention, and feeding my spirit in a deeper and ‘unhurried’ way. John 10:10 says that Jesus came to give us life in all its fullness, and this is where I intend to live by the grace of God.

Our family are doing really well. It does take quite a long time for everyone to decompress, get out of fight or flight mode, and take some deep enjoyable breaths. We have taken a couple of mini holidays to find our rhythm and flow, and again, by Gods grace, the family is emerging stronger than ever. I have SO much admiration for my daughters, I‘ve always loved them fiercely, but as every day goes by I respect them more and more. Champion people.

And on a lighter note, as I mostly missed Christmas festivities last year, I have personally named this Christmas the year of double blessing!! Not in receiving gifts, to be honest, there is nothing I need. No, I am interested with being with the people I love around great food, inspiring conversation, and loads of laughter. Bring it on!! Also, please pray for my hubby, who encouraged me, whilst undergoing treatment, to dream about some of the changes we would bring to our home. SO, the reno’s are underway as of Monday!! 4 weeks of dust/early morning drilling/ and lots of bills!! But I am in my happy place…

Love to you all, thank you so much for your continued prayers for our family, we could not have done the journey thus far without you!!

Chat soon,

Darlene Z