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DZ mother's day

Happy Mother’s Day

DZ mother's dayTo all the mums out there.

The new mums, expectant mums, older mum, step mums, single mums and hopeful mums. Yep, we come in all forms, shapes and sizes, for motherhood is NOT a one size fits all calling, yet every one of us is strategic and highly important to the fabric of our society.

I dreamed of becoming a mother from about the age of 15, and actually started buying baby things for years before I actually had the privilege of becoming a mother. Sounds a bit intense I know, but there was a longing in my heart to create a family, a home, a crazy, life-filled safe place with kids and friends and even dogs, chickens, great food and dreams and laughter. I’m sure you hear me when I say all of this. It was a longing in my heart.

My first born Amy Jaye is now a mum of three. The day of her birth, one of my biggest life dreams was fulfilled. I was flooded with so much joy and I still find it hard to wrap words around those initial moments when I was able to gaze into her beautiful, blue eyes. I took so many photos of this little precious and perfect baby girl. A baby girl, who took my breath away then and still does to this day.

When her sister, Chloe Jaz, came into the world amidst a flurry of drama, an ambulance ride, an emergency C section and the hospital preparing us for the worst. When I finally held this miracle baby in my arms we (Mark and I) were once again overwhelmed with Gods kindness toward our family. Amy had a sister. I was a mum of two girls. Mark had two daughters. Proud was an understatement. Chloe is like a female version of Mark, she is a thinker, an inventor, she is creative and full of soul. She is a delight and is about to be married. Amazing.

We headed into a busy season and a long time passed before we became pregnant with our 3rd baby. We had tried to adopt a little boy from the USA (we had named him Dylan) but that adoption never eventuated. Following that, we miscarried a precious baby at 12 weeks which was devastating. The day finally came however, that we fell pregnant with Zoe Jewel, and her birth was again miraculous, and our little family became a tribe.

Zoe didn’t walk until much later as she was literally carried everywhere by the four of us who doted on her from the day she was born. We still dote on this beautiful girl who just celebrated her 14th birthday.

Today, I reflect on the grace of God towards me as their mum. I am very imperfect, and at times too busy, but I will say that for all of their lives, the three of them and their Dad have had the whole of my heart.

There have been many hard work days, days of frustration, days where I’ve doubted my ability to parent them well, days where i wanted to tear my hair out, days where I compared myself to super mums and was extremely hard on myself, days of elation, days of no money, days where I’ve felt I’ve done well and days where I’ve felt like I’ve failed ever so miserably. Does this sound familiar? When I think of the grace of God toward all of us in the seemingly impossible moments to the greatest days of our lives, I sit back and simply breathe in and thank Him for His grace that enables us at every moment. A grace that never runs out, even when we do. He never turns His back on us, and always whispers gently to our souls when we need a friend to talk to.

SO mums……

Cut yourself some slack today. You’ve done good.  Even when you know you could have done better, today is a new day.

Breathe in Gods grace, breathe out His peace and praise.

We all go in His grace, so lean into it and enjoy the journey.

Being a parent is one of the greatest privileges we enjoy in this life – so fully enjoy today. And, if today is particularly hard for you, because perhaps the word Mum conjures up harsh memories, or maybe this is the first Mother’s Day without your mum, I commit to pray for you all this weekend. I am believing for miracles within relationships, and that the peace of God that passes all understanding will rule and reign in your heart and mind.

Love you all dearly.. xx

Darlene Z

Happy Mother’s Day…2015

Live Everyday On Purpose

Rainbow on Terrigal beach via Instagram

Rainbow on Terrigal beach via Instagram

Hello lovely people,

As I write this, I am sitting on a plane, on my way to speak at a great church in Melbourne, before I fly out early tomorrow morning to be with my mum who is having surgery. You never quite know what a day will bring, but in saying that, I have complete confidence that none of our problems are a surprise to God and He is Lord through it all.

The last couple of months have been a wonderful whirlwind of incredible activities that have happened in our lives: Zoe Jewel went back to school, we bought a wedding gown for our beautiful Chloe who marries Hosanna in June, Amz and Hoody and the babes are all doing so well and embarking on new adventures, Checkie is back into his theology studies, and our church family is simply going from strength to strength.

Through it all I am growing more and more grateful for each day, and even though my body struggles due to the meds I am on, every day feels new, literally pulsating with newness. Even in the hardest of days, Jesus’ love for all of us illuminates ever so beautifully and, as I rest in His goodness and great plans for our lives, my heart is filled with dreams for the future.

I am hearing from a lot from people about what they feel God is doing across the earth right now. Thoughts about His glory intensifying and covering the earth as water covers the sea, about the miraculous and saving grace of God seriously bursting out all over the place. These are days of great outpourings of God’s spirit, days where our understanding of the grace and kindness of God is increasing, and days where even though darkness tries to prevail, the glory of the Lord is rising upon us all.

My encouragement to you today is to live everyday ON PURPOSE. You are designed for purpose, for greatness, for influence and impact. These are great days my friend. Sometimes you just need to turn off the television and protect your souls from all the bad news, and simply focus on Jesus and His great love toward you. These are days where we must continue to learn to listen to the Holy Spirit as He leads us, protects us and speaks to us. He will help you know what to bring your energy and passion to each day, He will comfort you when you need it, and He will empower you to live the life you were born to live.

Every morning, I encourage you to get out of bed and say, “Holy Spirit, lead me today as I live for Christ. Lead me as I love and serve others’. As you make this your daily declaration, you just never know what lies on the other side of your obedience.

Love you all so much,

Thanks for your continued prayers.. xx


In Jesus Name: A Legacy of Worship & Faith

My heart is full yet again as we have just released this Legacy project ‘In Jesus Name: A Legacy of Worship & Faith‘. Jesus certainly is the centre of my world and it is my life mission to announce and declare His Lordship and great love for us.

I sincerely pray that these songs draw you to desire an ever growing, ever deepening relationship with Jesus Christ.

Feel free to check out this video on YouTube of ‘My Highest Hope‘ and the album is on iTunes.

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 1.35.01 pm

Much love,

Darls xx


A Few Thoughts

Screen Shot 2015-02-07 at 10.48.05 pmDearest friends,

Its been a few weeks since my last blog so tonight I thought I’d just take a few minutes to keep you up to date. Firstly, its the eve of our VISION SUNDAY at HOPEUC and I want to sincerely thank our creative teams at all campuses, the 4B media team, and every volunteer that makes HOPEUC what it is. You are SO inspiring to both Mark and myself and we (truly) pray that the Holy Spirit will refresh you from deep within as we embark on this next season – together. Our God is glorious, completely and ultimately. What a joy and privilege it is to love and serve Him. I am SO excited about where God is leading us as a church.

Our family has had some amazing days over the last couple of weeks. Our Chloe Jaz and her fiancee, Hosanna, celebrated their engagement at our home with a big party. It was A WHOLE LOT OF FUN with A WHOLE LOT OF PEOPLE and A WHOLE LOT OF FOOD. Seeing your kids follow the heart of God and discovering His will for their lives brings unspeakable joy. It’s one of the most wonderful things in life. Hosanna is a gift to our entire family, every time he walks into the house we say ‘Glory to God!!’ (one of the shouts of praise or adoration for God). We’re sure he’s not sick of this at all!!!!!!

And personally, I received another great report from the oncologist. It’s all onwards and upwards. Slowly, slowly, but I am getting there! Again as always, we are grateful for your prayers, love and care. Mark and I and our whole family are seriously eternally thankful. I am also slowly getting back into the studio, and I have said yes to a couple of overseas trips for the year which makes me excited and nervous. Everything feels so new.

This year begins with SO much HOPE. It is overflowing from our hearts to yours. We pray that every time any of you are feeling overwhelmed by life, that you will allow the great grace of God to carry you through. Leap into His love, He is always there and its never too late, you are never too much for Him.

Psalm 27…

Love you dearly,

Darls xx