My Portion

So... this week, one of our team sent me this song ... and I simply sat in bed this morning and just played it while I closed my eyes and let the song minister to my heart.

Songs that lead us deeper into the love of God are vitally important in our lives.. and before you think this a ‘song plug’.. I don’t know these guys, had never even heard about them until this week, but I feel like we are connected at a heart level as I listen to this prayer.

Can I encourage you today.. that whenever your heart feels overwhelmed, find a song of worship that you know will lead your heart into the space that reminds you to ‘ be still and know that God is still God’ ( from psalm 46).

We can run to so many different things to fill the sad spaces of our lives, but through the sovereign act of worship, I pray you’ll be made even more aware of the sweet yet powerful presence of God in your life.. in all the spaces that feel whole AND all the spaces that feel tender, maybe even broken.

The way of worship is always a way of faith... but you only need a little to get you moving in the right direction. So... my morning musing... breathe, trust, receive, let go... Gods got you

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xxx love Darls...

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